Who is Strange Kid?

Strange Kid first manifested himself in 2009, but he’s been around much longer than that… in fact, you’ve probably met him at some point in your own life. Gifted with a highly imaginative vision of the world, Strange Kid is the outsider that appeals to all of us – the inner child that never quite goes away. His impulsive behavior and warped sensibility personify him as a well-intentioned deviant who likes watching monster movies, playing ultraviolent video games and being an all-around prankster. He’s a bit crass and sarcastic, but not altogether evil… maybe just a bit misguided.

Often finding himself in a series of bizarre misadventures, Strange Kid exists in a world many of us would envy: full of nostalgia, toys, games, monsters, aliens, boogers and other assorted bodily fluids! Oddly enough, he harbors a death grudge against squirrels who, he claims, are inter-dimensional spies looking to steal his brain.

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