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  • Cooties movie review

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    The Kids Aren’t Alright in COOTIES [Review]

    Opening with one of the most “fowl” (sorry folks) sequences I’ve seen this side of Tromaville, COOTIES starts things off right. The premise is simple: a tainted shipment of chicken nuggets infects a young girl at Fort Chicken Elementary with “cooties.” Like a traditional zombie outbreak, the infection spreads whenever someone is scratched or bitten. […]

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    James Gunn’s ‘Super’ Trailer!

    Shut up, crime! After a trend of “reality superhero” films like Kick-Ass, Wanted, Defendor and (yes) even Scott Pilgrim, I have to admit that my enthusiasm for James Gunn’s latest movie, Super, was a bit tempered. Even despite the phenomenal casting of Rainn Wilson, Ellen Paige and Kevin Bacon I’ve still wavered in my interest […]

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