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    Gross Out! Toys: Fungus Amungus

    Every year seems to yield another addition, particularly of the minifig variety, to a legacy of gross toys that spans series like Boglins, Madballs, Monsters in My Pocket, and generally anything that came packaged with “ooze” and/or “slime.” The trend has become more noticeable over the past few years with the introduction of S.L.U.G. Zombies […]

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    Cool Stuff: MUTANT MANIA Minifigure Toy Line

    This tasty little tidbit of information came to us from club member, Benjamin Hayden, who sent us a tip last week. While JAKKS Pacific’s S.L.U.G. Zombies (Scary Little Ugly Guys) series seems to be defunct, Moose Toys is looking to fill the gap with their own minifigure line called MUTANT MANIA. Seemingly a mash-up of […]

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