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    Seven Sinister Questions with…Kyle Strahm, Comic Artist

    A few years ago, we introduced a special feature called Six Sinister Questions, for which we stalked a select group of guests until they answered six of the most “sinister questions spewed from the inner bowels of hell.” This year, thanks to the encouragement of clubhouse crew member John MacLeod, we’re resurrecting the feature…and conjuring […]

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  • Paper Cuts #6

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    Paper Cuts #6: Weekly Monthly Comic Pull List

    Okay, I admit it. I’m the worst weekly comics reviewer in the world. This “weekly” column has officially turned into a “monthly” column… not because there’s a lack of any interesting titles out there to cover (there are), but mostly because I’ve discovered that I like trade paperbacks better. *gasp* I know! What a horrible […]

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