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  • Exiles of Metrodome

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    Craig Collins and Iain Laurie Announce EXILES OF METRODOME!

    Last summer comic creators Craig Collins and Ian Laurie teamed up for a somewhat unconventional comic one-shot they dubbed METRODOME (see our review). Comprised of eight “bizarre and monstrous [fuckers]” that the duo created using random word association and a lot of artistic freedom, METRODOME was as interesting as a giant creature composed of turds […]

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    Printed Perversions: Roachwell (One-Shot)

    Equal parts Tales from the Darkside and Red Meat (by cartoonist Max Cannon), the “surreal horror comedy comic” by writer Craig Collins and artist Iain Laurie is a welcome mindf*ck from the banality of everyday life. For those brave enough to venture into Collins and Laurie’s weird, fictional world you’re sure to find more than […]

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