Contribute to SKC

Do you have two eyes, a nose and most of your front teeth? Well, it takes more than good looks to impress us anyhow, so come on in! You could be the next SKC ROCKSTAR!


Here’s what we are looking for:

Experienced writers who are passionate about popular subculture, whether it be waxing nostalgic about Boglins or sharing the latest news on your favorite cult film, comic, cartoon or video game. In return for your services you will garner full recognition for the article, including a short bio and linkage to your website and Twitter account on every post you make. Sounds fancy, right? But wait – there’s moooore!

Open Positions:

News Writers – Possesses a strong personality with a great sense of humor. This role is responsible for writing short, but informed articles on the latest entertainment news and current events – specifically related to comics, film, TV, online videos and gaming.

Reviewers – Experienced writer who can stay motivated and provide opinionated reviews while respecting the views of others; especially our readers. This position can cover a range of topics (movies, gaming, comics, etc), but ideally would stick to only one.

Editors – Excellent attention to details, especially grammar. This role requires you to recruit and manage other writers, edit articles and help plan site initiatives. They will occasionally write – though the focus should be on maintaining the quality and accuracy of our content.

What are the perks?

Glad you asked. As a member of the SKC staff you have to opportunity to access free movie screenings, comics, press access to conventions/events and claim to any of our SKC-related merchandise (magazines, stickers, prints and tees). Now that’s swanky.


How to Apply

Please contact strangekidsclub [at] gmail dot com if you would like to be considered a candidate for “rockstar” status. Be sure to provide details of your own website or blog, past experience and samples (or links) to some of the best articles you’ve written.

Length and Content

Most articles tend to be between 500 and 750 words in length, but can be longer if that suits your writing style. Longer articles should provide extra depth into the history of your subject matter. For example, a short toy article might explain what it is and where you can get it whereas longer articles should delve into how it was first development and/or released and why. Even shorter articles should cover, at the very least, what about it you like or why it gets you pumped.

Above all, be honest. If you hated something, let the audience know why without being derogatory or insulting. Levity is always better than being overly-critical. Always maintain a level of professional integrity, be fair and honest even if the subject matter is personal in some way. We value both positive and negative sentiments equally at the clubhouse.


Every writer has their own distinct voice and we encourage that around the clubhouse. While articles may be edited for length, language or content our editorial staff strives to never alter the “voice” of its contributors. That said, please be sure to check for spelling, grammar and facts beforehand. Profanity is allowed, but don’t overdue it. Even though this site is geared towards adults doesn’t mean we don’t get younger visitors every now and then. Keep profanity to a minimum.

Additional Guidelines

Aside from everything mentioned above, here are a few last guidelines to keep in mind.

  • All articles submitted must be original pieces created for Strange Kids Club. No plagiarism.
  • Guest posts cannot be re-purposed for publication elsewhere
  • Remember who your target audience is and write accordingly
  • Guest posts are currently unpaid (unless you count peer recognition)
  • Always check your facts and ALWAYS credit your sources (both images and facts)