About Strange Kids Club

Site Overview

Strange Kids Club is a daily dose of adolescent enthusiasm for your inner child. An online hang out for geeks, freaks and nostalgic nerds alike; the site features articles on video games, comics, unbelievably cool toys, exclusive interviews, movie reviews and more served up strange– just the way we like it!


Launched in August 2009, Strange Kids Club began humbly enough as a way to continue this tradition for those seeking a place to share their “cool stuff” online. Admittedly, this first attempt was ill-conceived at best, but it proved a good exercise in meeting new friends and it would be these same friends who would help SKC grow into its next phase of development as a more literal sort of virtual clubhouse with new contributors sharing comics, news, articles and more.

In 2011 we grew even more with a new site design, dedicated hosting, TWO comic book anthologies, and even an official Strange Kid tee! Now, as 2012 rolls around we have even more things planned that will hopefully strengthen and grow the SKC community – a real resource of those seeking distractions from the responsibilities of “adulthood.”

Logo Evolution

Strange Kid Comix Magazine

The Strange Kid Comix Magazine started in 2011 as an exciting way to offer independent artists a chance to showcase their work while allowing the community to play a role in building the world in which Strange Kid resides.

Each issue features short comics and fanart from some of the most talented artists and writers out there – some you may know, some you will soon enough – in addition to exclusive interviews, contest giveaways and plenty of extras.

Strange Kid Comix Magazine #1 Strange Kid Comix Magazine #2

Strange Kid’s Clubhouse

What lurks inside Strange Kid’s Clubhouse? Stay tuned! More information coming soon.