Create Your Own ‘Cereal Monster’ Sticker 2017 Winners

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (because it’s true). Over the past five years, the level of artistry and creativity this humble art contest of ours inspires never ceases to amaze me. Every year we try to toss a new wrinkle into this cereal monster mix and each time you, the denizens of our twisted little treehouse, step up to the challenge and manage to make selecting a winner a nigh-impossible task…but this is a contest and every contest has to have a winner. So, I’ll stop stalling and share with you this year’s contest results:

Grand Prize Winner: Anthony Kowaleski

Quis-Pee Pimples

Artist: Anthony Kowaleski
Cereal Flavor: Corn and Sugar
Once he was living as an alien invader who became bored with life on his home world of Quislackykaka. Quis-Pee Plimples came to Earth and became obsessed with our sugary breakfast cereals, Atari 2600 games, and the films of John Candy. Even at the risk of his own health and many skin conditions found only on Earth, Quis-Pee refuses to give up the things he loves and continues to crash on couches.

Runner-Up Winner: Brian POWER

Sonny Disposition

Artist: Brian POWER
Cereal Flavor: Whole brains, sugar, raisins

Runner-Up Winner: Trent Lambert

Twisted Tony

Artist: Trent Lambert
Cereal Flavor: Frostie feathers

Honorable Mentions

Big Mixx

Artist: Ben Hayden
Cereal Flavor: Rolled oats, rice and corn flakes

Bog Hog

Artist: Ben Hayden
Cereal Flavor: Pond scum, swamp slime and pig slop

Circus Clown

Artist: Ben Hayden
Cereal Flavor: Oat smiles and marshmallow balloons

Roswell The Great Grey

Artist: BJ Witts
Cereal Flavor: Out of this world


Artist: Brian POWER
Cereal Flavor: Terrible (smells like leather, vinyl and sweat)

Stitch Dribble-Plop

Artist: Brian POWER
Cereal Flavor: It’s a mystery!

Crunchy Cap

Artist: Joshua Adams
Cereal Flavor: Sea water and squid ink

Fuzzy Buzzy

Artist: Joshua Adams
Cereal Flavor: Honey-covered fuzzballs and toxic waste


Artist: Joshua Adams
Cereal Flavor: Sugar and stiches

Smacky Honey Frog

Artist: Juston Mckee
Cereal Flavor: Honey, flies and beehives

Fat Toni

Artist: Juston Mckee
Cereal Flavor: Sugar flakes and saliva

Mick Paddy

Artist: Michael Neshimka
Cereal Flavor: ???

Silly Rabbit

Artist: Steve Dziedziak
Cereal Flavor: Crunchy sugar spheres

Tiny Tiger

Artist: TeiaSmith
Cereal Flavor: Blood-covered morsels and chum-flavored mush

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Written by Rondal

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