Monday Morning Videomania #168

FIND THE KEYS | Animated Bendy and the Ink Machine Rap!

While not Halloween specific, there’s definitely a dose of horror in each of this week’s Videomania picks and none represents this better than this nerd rap by YouTuber The Stupendium for Bendy and the Ink Machine, a survival horror puzzle game by TheMeatly Games. Part of what seems like an emerging trend, this music video (and the game) are heavily inspired by 30s “rubber hose” style animation with a healthy dose of devilish revelry. The result is an animated short that delivers as many sick rhymes as it does sly pop culture references.

Swing You Sinners! (1930)

This classic Fleischer cartoon is a great example of the retro style that inspired the other two shorts on our list. Starring Bimbo the Dog (from the Betty Boop cartoon series), Swing You Sinners! finds the tubby protagonist getting lost in a graveyard while running from the law for stealing a chicken. What follows is a surreal, slapstick guilt trip told in sing-song format involving a choir of tombstones, evil shadows and some bizarre-looking spooks. Thanks to club member, Benjamin Hayden, for sending us a top on this one!

Legendary Shack Shakers AFTER YOU’VE GONE Animated Teaser

While I was hoping that this 47 second slice of cartoon nostalgia was a teaser for a fully animated music video, it seems that it’s just a teaser for the Legendary Shack Shakers latest album…which is still cool, but man would it have been awesome to see the whole “Sing a Worried Song” track done in this style. Animated by Zach Bellissimo, there’s the obvious inspiration of 30s animation but also a few additional winks to things like Disney’s Silly Symphony – The Skeleton Dance and Georges Méliès’ A Trip to the Moon.

Written by Rondal

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