Monday Morning Videomania #167: Hip Hop Horror Edition

As the first October edition of Monday Morning Videomania, this week’s entry was originally going to be a list of monster-inspired TV ads but Bloody-Disgusting seems to have already covered that so…we’ve got something even better to kick off the Halloween season: hip hop horror music videos!

Kris Kross – I Missed The Bus

Ah, classic Kris Kross. You wanna make me “jump, jump”. In a music video that could’ve come straight out of a Nightmare on Elm Street sequel, “I Missed The Bus” finds the dual Chris’ pulling a Rap Van Winkle (see what I did there? Eh?) and missing their bus to school. A bus, which I might add, that’s driven by some hellish demon driver. When they finally do make it to school, the nightmare continues as all the kids are zombies(?) and their teacher is some sort of menacing insectoid.

The Cryptkeeper – The Crypt Jam

Composed by Chuckii Booker for the 1991/92 Tales from the Crypt soundtrack, Crypt Jam is one of those cheeky cash-in type songs like MC Hammer’s “Addams Family Groove” or DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince “Nightmare on My Street”. By no means scary, the video actually seems to fit the Crypt Keeper’s off-kilter personality pretty well and does less to defang the skeletal horror host than, say, The Fat Boys’ “Are You Ready For Freddy” featuring the titular serial threatening to “thrill you” before killing you in your sleep…which sounds way scarier than it actually is.


One of the less well-remembered, but not forgotten slasher movie icons, the original Maniac Cop starred Robert Z’Dar (alongside the likes of Tom Atkins and Bruce Campbell) as a “murderous ex-cop returned from the dead” and did well enough to spawn two sequels—the first of which (Maniac Cop 2) gave us this little hip hop gem by way of composer Jay Chattaway. And by gem, I mean to say that “Maniac Rap” sounds embarrassingly silly with lyrics like: “He’s homicidal and maladjusted / But when he busts in your ass is busted” and “When he shows up, he’s supposed to protect you / But Maniac Cop is out to get you”. Classic.

Written by Rondal

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