Cömic Räwk 101: For Those About To Räwk

Cömic Räwk - Napalm Nell

Strange kids, I am proud to present to you my newest creation: Cömic Räwk! A celebration of the intersection between comic books and music, years in the making!

Why, you ask? Well, those two things were what got me through my high school years. I spent a large chunk of the ‘80s in my room reading comics and cranking Metal Shop on the radio. I always thought about my two passions as completely separate, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

batmanmanbat01The proof is in the puddin’, Puddin’: my early record collection featured vinyl with the Batman theme song, comic/record sets with voice actors retelling stories like the first time Man-Bat transformed, and bands whose stage acts read like something straight out of a comic book – audio gold! Then, Alice Cooper invaded my Marvel Comics, KISS reportedly squeezed out some fresh blood for the ink in their book and back in ’87, long before it was okay to embrace your inner geek, Anthrax threatened their coolness factor by singing about Judge Dredd in “I Am The Law”. Plus, have you ever counted the sheer number of bands and musicians created JUST for comics – Josie and the Pussycats, Lila Cheney’s band in the X-Men, the disco stylings of Dazzler, Shadowman’s sax-playing Jack Boniface…the list is endless. Hell, this idea should’ve slapped me in the face a thousand times over by now!

So, let’s explore what happens when the two subjects are mashed together in this unholy alchemical union. Yes, much like the unexpected beauty that came from joining chocolate and peanut butter, chicken and waffles, a duck a beaver and…whatever the hell those combined with to make a platypus, this will truly be something to behold!*

(*Disclaimer: only if someone reads it. That part will be anybody’s guess…)

For this column, I had long-time Strange Kids Club all-star Phil Postma create a new character to lead the house band. Meet Napalm Nell, up at the top of the page! I’m excited to finally unveil her, and we’ll be holding auditions for her bandmates soon.

Let’s have some fun with this, kids! I’ve got a ton of great stuff to share, starting soon. If there’s anything you think would fit the bill, feel free to send it my way by way of psychic vibrations or email (preferably the latter). See ya soon, you little freaks!


Written by John MacLeod

Dubbed "The Dorkmaster General" in his home territory of western Massachusetts, John has what some would call an "unhealthy obsession" with comics, horror movies and geek culture. He is a staff writer and editor for the web site Zombie Zone News, and is a freelance editor for his own imprint, Surfin' Dead Enterprises. In his spare time, he breeds free-range chupacabras to sell for ludicrous amounts of cash.

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