Monday Morning Videomania #166

Gangsters vs Gators


Directed by Gervais Merryweather, MALL 84 offers up a two-dimensional reverie at life in the mid-80s. Specifically set at a mall, the short is sprinkled with moments of both cinematic and cultural nostalgia from cameos by Johnny 5 (Short Circuit) and Gizmo (Gremlins) to arcade bullies and big hair. It’s sweet, charming and—with music by Mitch Murder—it’s a great way to kick of your Monday morning.

Gangsters Vs Gators

It’s all out war in this fictional 90s-era cartoon intro voiced, written and directed by comics scribe Tito W. James. Featuring animation by UK-based duo Remus & Kiki (Beakus) and music by Hania, Gangsters Vs Gators is tantalizingly brief but offers shades of both Dick Tracy and Batman: TAS in it’s art style and presentation. While this teaser trailer is the only animated footage that exists, there is an companion web-comic available on Tito W. James’ website.

Bone Guitar

Another really short…uh, short, I couldn’t resist sharing this Halloween-inspired piece by indie stop-motion studio Mechanical Farm Animation (Payton Curtis, Julianna Cox). Having recently taken up guitar lessons, there’s just something symbolic about a skeletal spirit rising up to “reclaim” an old, worn out instrument. Having the musical accompaniment of Canadian rock band THE SADIES doesn’t hurt either.

Written by Rondal

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