Monday Morning Videomania #165

Primus – Candyman (Official Video)

I got pretty excited when I first heard that San Francisco-based rock back Primus would be doing their own twisted spin on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Primus & The Chocolate Factory) a few years back. Not just because I enjoy their unique sound, but also because their music videos are always a visual splendor of bizarre kick-assery. Featuring work by one of my favorite artist, Webster Colcord, “Candyman” transforms band’s colorfully dark sound into a bonafide candy-coated fever dream.

Leatherface’s Pool Party

Released earlier this year by husband and wife team, Sea and Carson Griffin, Leatherface’s Pool Party is exactly as awesome as it sounds—brought to life by stop motion shenanigans and a catchy garage rock tempo. This amazing tribute to the horror genre “guest stars” everyone you can think of including Rambo, Ash Williams, Elvira, Pumpkinhead, Chucky, Michael Myers, Beetlejuice, Pinhead, Jabba the Hut and so many more icons.


While I’ve yet to see recently released Belko Experiment, a fact which I soon hope to remedy, I couldn’t resist checking out Lee Hardcastle’s latest short, inspired by the James Gunn penned production. As expected from Hardcastle’s crude yet ever-evolving claymation shorts, this Survival Tips video is infectiously humorous while simultaneously being incredibly horrifying as puppets are dismembered, disemboweled and eviscerated in a variety of ghastly ways.

Written by Rondal

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