Independently Awesome: Kaiju Kreeps, NecronomiCards and Miserable Monsters

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They say every good story deserves a sequel…I’m not exactly sure who “they” are in this instance, but that’s beside the point because this week’s edition of Independently Awesome finds not one, or two, but THREE returning creators to the clubhouse news feed! Each have brought a monstrous new project to our attention and we’re here to share them with you…

Kaiju Kreeps Enamel Pins


From the wicked mind of Houston-based Wizard of Barge (Black Magic for Dummies) comes Kaiju Kreeps, a conceptual series of enamel pins featuring five of movie history’s most iconic giant monsters as illustrated by the freelance artist. Other awards include stickers and original paintings, but the primary goal for this project’s modest goal is to simply raise enough to fund the production of all five pins (which is almost 50% of the way there with 28 days to spare). Members of the Kaiju Kult, get on it!

NecronomiCards Vol 2


You might recall our coverage last Fall of creator Andy Hunt’s first post-Kickstarter NecronomiCards launch (if not, be sure to hit the link). At the time, Hunt dropped a few clues regarding a possible expansion to his card-based strategy horror game and now it seems that plan has become a reality with NecronomiCards Vol 2 appearing on Kickstarter just a few days ago. The expansion, as one might imagine, adds new depth to the game with “[20] new Summon cards, [50] new Spell cards, a whole new set of strategic defensive abilities, and other additions and adjustments to make games more fast-paced and fun.” One of the most exciting new additions is the introduction of Relic cards, which promise to add a new layer of strategy by offering players secret, one-time use, special abilities.

Backers are able to claim a variety of rewards include add-on packs of the original game, additional copies of the expansion, shirts—even their own Summon cards featuring artwork by Hunt himself! Stretch goals, the first of which has already been unlocked are equally as interesting and include iconic pop culture inspired Summon cards, exclusive large format posters and more. If you were a fan of the original set, or looking to dive into a Lovecraftian labyrinth of table top fun for the first time, this is definitely worth checking out.

At Least You’re Not These Monsters!


Our last inclusion on this list isn’t actually a crowd-funding project, but it is independent and it’s assuredly awesome. The brainchild of authors Danny Lacy (Crack-Duck) and Mike Levine, At Least You’re Not These Monsters! is a stand-alone funny book released earlier this year that aims to make you feel better about your own self-image because, let’s face it…it could always be worse.

Case in point, you could be a misshapen monstrosity with too many parts OR you could be missing body parts completely. You could have your organs replaced with something else like having your eyes swapped for worms or nipples in place of a penis. Messed up? Perhaps, but it’s also pretty therapeutic. After all the book, available now via Amazon or direct from publisher Devastator Press, simply reminds us of the tenant upon which all modern media is based on: it’s more entertaining to watch other people’s miserable lives than focus on our own…and much funnier too.

Written by Rondal

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