Independently Awesome: Weird-Ass Faces Coloring Book

© by Robert Jimenez

weird-ass-faces-bookWe’re well into March now and I’ll be the first to say it…things around the SKC stomping grounds has been slow. Painfully slow. But that doesn’t mean there’s been any shortage of weird, obscure and—yes—strange projects floating around this year. Case in point, Robert Jimenez’s Weird-Ass Faces—a coloring book featuring 35 disgustingly monstrous mugs to “color up pretty!”

It should come as no surprise just by looking at the artwork for Weird-Ass Faces that Jimenez—whose resume includes work on licenses such as Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages and Mars Attacks (among others)—was heavily influenced by gross-out, imaginative artists like Bill Campbell (Weird-ohs, Silly Surfers), Ed Roth (Rat Fink) and Basil Wolverton (Ugly Stickers).

One of the strongest triggers of nostalgia for that time is the weird faces and art I’d see in Bill Campbell’s Weird-Oh’s and Topp’s Wacky Packages and Ugly Stickers, among others. I’d been thinking about those images a lot lately, in particular the Weird-Oh’s decals my brother and I would stick all over our house! Weird-Ass Faces came about from the love I have of those images and the fun of just trying to come up with something stupidly different.

If you’re interested in learning more or to see how you can help support this project, be sure to stop by the Weird-Ass Faces Coloring Book Kickstarter page.

Written by Rondal

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