MADBALLS Get Animated in New Web Series PLUS Series 2 Details!

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With a Wave 1 launch that included both full scale and mini figures, not to mention third-party licensed merchandise, I think it’s safe to say that the Madballs machine is officially going full steam. Now there’s the exciting debut of the new Madballs animated web series! This is the first time the crude crew has received such treatment since AmToys’s direct-to-video releases over three decades ago (30 years for those terrible at math)!

A blend of 2D animation and live action stills, each episode clocks in around 2 minutes and follow the core cast of circular creeps (Skull Face, Slobulus, Horn Head, Screamin’ Meemie, Dust Brain, Oculus Orbus) in their zany misadventures. Tone-wise the series seems to sit somewhere between Cartoon Network’s animated MADtv and the Annoying Orange with plenty of bodily fluids and sight gags to gross out anyone over 30…well, except us…and you if you’re reading this.

Also in Madballs-related news is the Toy Fair New York unveiling of 3″ figures for Wave 2 (due out this Fall): Bruise Brother, Fist Face, Snake Bait, Buzzoff, Swine Sucker, and Lock Lips. Also being released this Fall, a second wave of the 1.5″ mini figures which includes: Wolf, Slobbernaut, Freaky Fullback, Aargh, Skunkvenger, Sushissasin, Skull Face, Slobulus, Dustbrain, Horn Head, Oculus Orbus, Sceamin’ Meemie, and Horn Head Ultra Rare.

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