‘Tormentor X Punisher’ is the Hell Spawn of DOOM + Hotline Miami

Tormentor x Punisher

If DOOM and Hotline Miami copulated while listening to Norwegian death metal, the resulting hell spawn would most likely be Tormentor X Punisher—an upcoming top-down indie game that pulls absolutely zero punches when it comes to offering hardcore gamers ways in which to maim, dismember and destroy anything and everything that moves on screen. The only catch? One hit, one kill…including yourself. In Tormentor X Punisher there’s no life bar, no healing, no heart containers. All it takes is one bullet to frag any enemy (except bosses?), which also means it only takes one hit for them to kill you as well and from the from the looks of this initial gameplay trailer there’s A LOT more of them.

Being published by Swedish game studio Raw Fury Games, the game features game design, graphics and animation by Tuuka Stefanson (Cannibal Kid, Night Eternal) and is scheduled to be available via Steam later this year.

Written by Rondal

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