Blast Off with the Galaxy’s Crappiest Heroes in BROWN FURY

© by Bobby Baxter

4.5 OUT OF 5 PUBLISHER: Self-Published COVER PRICE: $5.66 USD
4.5 OUT OF 5




$5.66 USD

Someone once said: “A turd by any other name…still smells like shit.” That person is obviously right, but when we’re talking about “a band of fast-talking, hard-hitting turds” who blast their way across the cosmos in search of fortune…well, let’s just say those are turds of a totally different variety. Specifically I’m talking about Scud, Lincoln, Beets and Chip—the “heroes” of Australian artist Bobby Baxter’s self-published comic, BROWN FURY.

As the debut issue, BROWN FURY #1 wastes little time introducing us to the main cast, which also includes their robotic assistant DOOK-E, and while there are clearly some common archetypes present (i.e. the strong one, the smart one, the leader, etc) there’s far more depth to these dingleberrys than one might expect. Lincoln (the strong one), for example, can be a bit cowardly despite his inclination for punching while Beats (the brainiac) can be pretty brave when backed into a corner. It’s this level of subtle characterization that lends some weight to what would otherwise be a book full of poo jokes (though there are plenty of those).

Members of the Grogan race, a species of extraterrestrial excrement, it’s revealed early in the story that this particular group of Grogans are actually illegal smugglers constantly in search of their next big score. This naturally leads to their current predicament…landing on an abandoned prison transport ship! While everything seems fine at first, the space-faring fecal matter soon discover more than they bargained for in terms of danger and potential riches thanks to a mysterious prisoner known simply as “Eve”. I won’t spoil the ending, suffice it to say that Baxter sets up a few interesting plot threads that I, for one, look forward to seeing unravel in the near future.

Likewise, Baxter does a remarkable job performing multiple doodies duties as illustrator, colorist and letterer. While I personally like the more animated style of the artwork, which is reminiscent of artists like Jason Howard or Ryan Ottley, don’t let that fool you—Baxter doesn’t shy away from graphic violence. From the decomposing corpse of an alien bounty hunter to the evisceration of one of our heroes (it’s okay, he’s made of poo remember?) there’s plenty of gross humor and over-the-top PG-13 action to satisfy your inner strange kid.

BROWN FURY #1 is available now exclusively through Bobby Baxter’s website in either online of digital format—be sure to snag a copy and check it out for yourself! If you’re looking for even more crap-tacular action, Baxter also has a Patreon page where he posts all sorts of exclusive previews, behind-the-scenes artwork and digital downloads.

Written by Rondal

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