Independently Awesome: RORG OF THE BLOOD SWAMP

Rorg of The Blood Swamp

tumblr_ojr0eeIKmz1to7wmgo1_500While by all appearances Rorg of The Blood Swamp may look like your average tale of a battle-hardened barbarian out for blood, nothing could be further from the truth. For starters, he’s part plant. Yep, Rorg is a half-plant-half-barbarian hybrid which essentially makes him like the twisted lovechild of Swamp Thing and Conan the Barbarian…I don’t really want to imagine how such a copulation would actually occur, suffice it to say the result is a fantasy hero who’s pretty damn badass.

Sprung from the mental loins, as if my earlier birth analogy wasn’t disturbing enough, of animator Pat Kain (Titmouse Inc., Look Human, GIPHY, Bleacher Report, Strange Kids Club), Rorg of The Blood Swamp will follow the titular protagonist’s quest to “save the world from the reign of The wicked Godhead” while fighting off all sorts of Blood Swamp baddies including “cannibals, evil wizards, cultists, giant monstrous boars, and barbarian queens.”

While this marks Kain’s first foray into the world of graphic novels, it’s far from his first Kickstarter and as such he’s well-prepared with some pretty cool reward packages. Not only that, but the pages for the book are actually complete—meaning all the funds are going straight into the actual production of the final product (plus a faster delivery date). If that’s still not enough to convince you that this project is worth your attention, then check out the pitch video below (PLUS the an exclusive 6-page preview!) and be sure to stop by the Rorg of The Blood Swamp Kickstarter page.

Written by Rondal

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