Look Who’s Back! Brand New MY LIL BELIAL Pillow – On Sale Tomorrow!

My Lil Belial 2© by Strange Kids Club

my_lil_belial-2016_posterEvery great creature feature gets a sequel. Proving that every great creature comfort is no exception to that rule, Strange Kids Club and Horror Decor have re-united with artist Nathan Thomas Milliner (Scream Factory, HorrorHound) to bring back one of our most popular pillow creations: MY LIL BELIAL!

Some might recall the original printed pillow we released back in 2013, a limited edition (of 25) which sold out in a matter of days…and fans haven’t let us forget it since. So, in the spirit of the giving season, we decided to bring our twisted parody of Frank Henenlotter’s Basket Case back to life for one more run. More than just a simple re-release, however, we decided to make this run special by commissioning Milliner to completely redesign our little buddy—much like Belial’s various screen incarnations.

This new version of MY LIL BELIAL is a little less friendly, a little more feral, but all the more lovable in every inch of his fluffy-stuffed ferocity. The pillow itself is slightly larger, approximately 15″x16″ (versus 2013’s 12″x12″ edition) and will feature artwork on both the front and back side. It will be available tomorrow, December 2nd for 72 HOURS ONLY so be sure to snag yourself one…or two…or three for posterity’s sake—trust us, you don’t want to find yourself in pillow purgatory without one!


MY LIL BELIAL (PART 2) goes on sale December 2 at 10:00am CST and will be available exclusively at HorrorDecor.net.

Written by Rondal

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