MonsterKids Documentary Seeks to Explore Horror Creature Culture

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Director J. Michael Roddy being attacked by the Brain Creature from Fiend Without A Face outside Bob Burns house.
Director J. Michael Roddy being attacked by the Brain Creature from Fiend Without A Face outside Bob Burns house.
You could say that MonsterKids: The Impact and Legacy of THINGS that Go Bump in the Night is a monster-sized project. Started back in 2010 by writer/director J. Michael Roddy, the origins of this documentary on creature culture and its impact on a multitude of artists, filmmakers and fans in fact spans much further…back to Roddy’s own childhood when cinematic monstrosities haunted the UHF airwaves broadcast to his family’s black and white TV set every Saturday afternoon:

I was fortunate that my local station in Tampa, Florida had Dr. Paul Bearer. I would sit glued to my television, watching as the good Doctor choked on coffin nails and introduced a world of Gods and Monsters to my young mind. Those early days sparked an obsession for me, one that has continued to grow ever since. It is a place of fantasy and imagination, a place that I can instantly return to whenever the moon is full and the wolfbane blooms, and the Autumn moon is bright.

Starring special effects artist Bob Burns, the original MonsterKid according to Roddy, the film also reportedly features a variety of interviews with “some of Hollywood’s most prolific monster makers and storytellers” such as Mick Garris, Joe Dante, Tom Savini, The Chiodo Brothers, Greg Nicotero, Howard Berger and Max Landis—all of which focus on the positive of fear, scary movies the importance of imagination.

No release details have been announced as of yet, but the random snippets of footage that’s appeared online thus far looks promising!

Light your lantern, grab your Garlic and Wolfsbane and hold close as we set out to explore the fascination with the Fantastical. Monster Kids, a brand-new documentary delves into the darkened abyss of the Laboratories and crypts to investigate the continued impact of Monsters on the youth and the culture of America.

Join a host of Hollywood’s most prolific filmmakers, writers, actors, makers of monsters, and fans as they explore why things that go bump in the night fascinate us. Featuring all-new interviews and rare photographs unearthed for the first time, we delve into the world of Gods and Monsters where the dead rise at sunset and even the purest man at heart becomes a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms to examine the appeal of the creatures of the night.

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