Monday Morning Videomania #161

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HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! The one day of the year that it’s acceptable for us to howl at the moon after midnight, gorge ourselves on teeth-rotting treats and run around in masks screaming “Look at me, I’m Leatherface!” is finally upon us. In tribute to this gloriously ghoulish holiday, I’ve chosen three horror shorts perfect for getting you into the Halloween spirit. Enjoy!


Written and directed by Shant Hamassian, NIGHT OF THE SLASHER aims to turn every typical slasher convention on its head as “a teenage girl lures a masked killer by committing horror movie sins.” You know the ones…drinking, drugs, dancing with no pants and doing them dirty deeds (done dirt cheap). Things really heat up, however, once the killer arrives (sporting a Spock mask) because this final girl fights back!


Co-directed by the UK-based brotherly duo of Joe and Lloyd Stas, SPOOKY CLUB reminded me of The Adventures of Pete & Pete in a lot of ways. It begins by introducing us to five teens with “spooky” special abilities who conspire to steal the skull of Vincent Price so that they can cremate it in memory of the man himself…stilly antics and punk music ensue. They manage to pull it off, more or less, but not everyone makes it back alive.


Another family produced fear fest (this time by Andrew McMurry, Seth McMurry, Matthew McMurry) SUPER MARIO: UNDERWORLD reveals what actually happens to Mario and Luigi when they fall into one of those pits in the game…and the truth isn’t pretty. Hurled to the “upside down” place, Mario comes face to face with a pile of his own corpses, freaky acid-spewing mushrooms and a whole host of terrifying creatures including Luigi the cannibal.

Written by Rondal

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