Create a Horror Host Cereal Box Art 2016 Winners

I want to begin by thanking everyone who took the time to participate in this year’s contest. While there weren’t quite as many entries as years past, it was nonetheless a tough call to chose a winner. The level of creativity and artistry that surfaces during this annual contest never ceases to amaze me. Now, without further ado, I’m proud to announce that this year’s winners are…

Grand Prize Winner: Brian POWER!

Elvira's Vanilla Frosted Orbs
Elvira’s Vanilla Frosted Orbs


Artist: Brian POWER
“I imagined it as Elvira had her own line of “Monster Cereals” and this is the witch themed, vanilla flavored version. She also has an Elvira Frankenstein (Elvirastein), Elvira Dracula (Dracuvira), and an Alien Elvira cereal as well. She did have an Invisible Elvira cereal, but it didn’t sell well because it was just a blank cardboard box with nothing inside. I guess it was too meta.”

Runner-Up Winners: Jorge Baeza & Josh Adams!



Artist: Jorge Baeza
“I am a BIG fan of MeTV’s Svengoolie, so I chose him for my piece. These cheesy Sven-Ghoulies are rubber chicken flavored and they’re part of a nutritious breakfast!”

Gremlin Berry Crunch
Gremlin Berry Crunch


Artist: Josh Adams
“I always wanted to see Grandpa Fred’s Horror Movie Series from Gremlins 2 be a real thing. I love the movie and the character. [My][/My] cereal is Gremlin Berry Crunch [and it=””][/and] tastes like blue berries with green sour-apple flavored gummy gremlins mixed in. The prizes inside could include a gizmo keychain, plastic gremlin rings, or mini Grandpa Fred yo-yo’s.”

Honorable Mentions

Crypt Crawlies
Crypt Crawlies


Artist: Juston McKee
“The deliciously horrible cereal, so nutritious you’ll explode—now with Bug Marshmallows (limited time only)! Another great cereal brought to you by CB (Cold Blooded Cereal).”



Artist: James-Michael Roddy
“My Horror Host is Dr. Paul Bearer. He was a Host that was prominent in Tampa and Central Florida throughout the 70’s and 80’s [and] a gateway for a world of Gods and Monsters.”

Svengoolie Cheesy Oh No's!</strong
Svengoolie Cheesy Oh No’s!


Artist: jluthor
“Wheat Bland Favor Os, Hs and Ns with Cheese Bites! The prize inside? …maybe, a couple hours after consumption!”

Joe Bob Oh's!
Joe Bob Oh’s!


Artist: Brian POWER
“MONSTERVISION was one of my favorites shows growing up so I just had to give him cereal props. The cereal itself would probably be on the healthier side, but it’s filled to the brim with all the cereal tropes we’ve come to know and love! And plus inside every box is a free bolo tie, which is the tits!”

Grandpa Fred's Breakfast of Horrors
Grandpa Fred’s Breakfast of Horrors


Artist: Brian POWER
“I imagined this cereal came out after the events of Gremlins 2 and Grandpa Fred became famous and embraced his “Vampire” persona. Clamp Enterprises, owner of the Grandpa Fred property decided to capitalize on this and in true 80’s fashion released a cereal. The cereal is Igor marshmallows (co-host of the show) and genetically modified ‘C’ shaped wheat cereal that has 250% more carbs and sugars in each bite, courtesy of Clamp company SPLICE-O-LIFE.”

The Great Razooly's  Shrunken Head Golden Pops
The Great Razooly’s Shrunken Head Golden Pops


Artist: Catherine Fredricks

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