31 Days of Sweet Rot: Hershey’s Candy Corn

31 Days of Sweet Rot (2016)© by Ren's Toothache by Scott Willis

BRAND: Hershey's PURCHASHED: Target (Austin) PRICE: $--
BRAND: Hershey’s
PURCHASHED: Target (Austin)
Candy corn flavored goodies seem to be in vogue this year and Hershey’s has jumped on the bandwagon with their own sugary spin. Comprised of a white candy corn crème with orange candy bits in them, these are somewhat reminiscent of the cookies-n-crème candy bars (one of my favorites). Opening the bag, the smell was a little strange…a sickly sweet and plastic-y combo. Unlike the Pumpkin Donut and Apple Crisp Laffy Taffy treats I reviewed earlier this month, these treats thankfully don’t taste like they smell. The first bar tasted a bit weird as my brain got a handle on the flavor, but after recalibrating my expectations by the second one it was far more enjoyable.

The packaging features an adorable little witch with a shock of curly, orange hair, striped stockings, and a candy corn themed dress and hat. She’s pretty cute and accompanied by a few errant bats. The orange, yellow, and white stripes on the edge of the bag give it a circus vibe. It also employs one of my favorite color combinations; grey and orange.

I’d give these a 3 out of 5 Snack-o-lanterns. These weren’t bad, but not really my thing.


Written by Tessa Morrison

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