Monday Morning Videomania #160

Amazing Hearse

I’ll admit…before now I was unaware of UK-based musician and animator Mr Weebl, but thanks to uber-tipster Benjamin Hayden I certainly am aware of him now. Released last week in anticipation of Halloween, Amazing Hearse is an 8-bit mashup of Army of Darkness, Mad Max and Mr. Weebl’s very own brand of melodic mania. And if you’re now down with that, all I can say is: “Eat hand grenade.”

Close Before Midnight

Take the premise of Night at the Museum, toss in the midnight curfew from Gremlins and you’ve got Close Before Midnight, a horrifyingly good Halloween short written, directed and edited by Alex Goyette for Crypt TV. You see, the first rule of working at Jackeline’s Halloween Shop is to NEVER stay past midnight because if you do…well, just watch the short to find out.

Have a Nice Day! By Victim’s Family

Produced and directed by Jerrold Ridenour, this music video for San Francisco-based punk band, Victim’s Family‘s Have a Nice Day! is a chaotic kaleidoscope of puppetry, photo montages and pyrotechnics. Inspired by enigmatic artist Zoltron, the video has an undeniably raw and hands-on aesthetic that instantly reminded me of MTV’s better days. Plus, singing skeletons are totally Halloween relevant.

Written by Rondal

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