31 Days of Sweet Rot: Double Crunch Pumpkin Pie Almonds

31 Days of Sweet Rot (2016)© by Ren's Toothache by Scott Willis

PURCHASHED: Target (Austin)
PRICE: $3.99
I’ll be upfront with you…I’m not terribly fond of the whole Pumpkin Spice craze and I’m certainly not big on anything “Pumpkin Pie flavored.” I do like almonds, though. That said, I honestly didn’t expect Brach’s Limited Edition Double Crunch Pumpkin Pie Almonds (trying saying that three times fast!) to do much to change my mind.

The packaging is plastered in various shades of orange and black, so points to Brach for making these seasonal-specific—guess that means we’re off to a good start. Upon first opening the bag there’s definitely a strong hint of “pumpkin” that, quite honestly, does smell like a real pumpkin pie. It’s not bad actually, almost like a pumpkin-scented candle you’d get from Bath & Body Works.

The individual bits are a nice orange color and shaped like almonds which is to be expected (pumpkin-shaped almonds would’ve been even cooler). They have the same scent, though it’s less pronounced, but make up for it in the taste. There’s definitely a strong pumpkin pie flavor…not just “pumpkin spice”, but an specific pie-like taste. I can’t say they do much to change my mind, but they’re not terrible either. The “double crunch” reminded me of those really hard shell Jordan Almonds you find around Easter time and sort of hurt my teeth when chewing.


I can’t call these bad, they actually do live up to the promise of the packaging, but they’re not great either. I give them 3 outta 5 Snack-o-lanterns.


Written by Rondal

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