Monday Morning Videomania #158

7 billion

While there’s nothing explicitly scary about this experimental video by UK-based musician/animator Cyriak, it will surely—somewhere deep down inside—give you nightmares. Inspired by Shakespeare (?) and an inexplicable desire to visualize what the world’s population (at the time, seven billion) may look like (as rabbits), 7 billion is weird, slightly horrifying and mesmerizing.


Again, this music video for Paris-based Rock band YETI LANE—which is a pretty awesome band name—isn’t particularly horror or Halloween themed, but there’s plenty of weirdness and blood to go around. Co-directed by Simon Gesrel and Arnaud Viémont, the video was animated using toys and a unique approach to stop motion to visualize a late night diner (and strip club?) brawl gone overboard.

Brains (feat. Kings High) | (Official Video)

Our final video this week hits a little closer to the mark for this month. An music video for Electronic group, Klaypex, BRAINS features an animated apocalypse full of cartoonish zombies as a lonesome survivor fights for survival. Not only is the song itself catchy, one I’ll probably add to my Halloween playlist, but the ending is pretty poignant. I won’t spoil anything…check it out for yourself.

Written by Rondal

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