NIGHTSATAN AND THE LOOPS OF DOOM is Post-Apocalyptic Insanity

Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom© by CHRZU

If the members of GWAR and Daft Punk decided to one day break off and form some sort of three-man mega-group, I’d imagine the result would be akin to Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom. Directed by CHRZU (Christer Lindstr√∂m) and described as ” ultimate post-apocalyptic synthesizer short film”—Nightsatan was originally released in 2013 and is currently making its debut here in Austin this weekend at Fantastic Fest. Set in the year 2034, the short features “a trio of synthesizer warriors calling themselves Nightsatan [who] conduct musical rituals in order to maintain what is left of their sanity.”

As for the “Loops of Doom”, they’re actually women buried in the sands with sequencers attached to their heads that make them constantly scream…and scream…and scream. It’d be kind of creepy if the incessant screeching wasn’t so freaking grating. Luckily, our heroes (at least one of which is a cannibal, did I mention that?) are pretty savvy with that synthesizer wizardry and manage to save on of the “Loops”…and then they dance. It’s all pretty weird, definitely foreign and totally worth the 24 minutes of your life it’ll take to watch.

Source: ScreenAnarchy

Written by Rondal

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