‘At the Mountains of Madness’ Becomes Animated Web Series

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As one of H.P. Lovecraft’s most popular and influential pieces of work, it’s little wonder why At the Mountains of Madness is also one of his most widely adapted. Whether it’s Guillermo del Toro trying to translate it as a feature film or an indie game developer turning it into a first person survival horror game, the tale of a disastrous Antarctic expedition and ancient alien explorers is an endearing one. So much so that Sloan Motion Pictures and Innovativ Media Group have teamed up to launch an animated web series based on the classic novella.

Directed by Stephen Sloan, the first episode of the series is currently available online for FREE with at least two more episodes to follow in the next few weeks to those willing to register for an annual subscription. Thirty episodes are planned in all.


In 1930 a team of researchers traveled to the bottom of the world in an attempt to discover the unknown history of our planet. They found much more than they bargained for, a series of gigantic and alien looking fossils resting in an ancient cavern. The scientists believed they’d discovered a previously unknown species of prehistoric animal. Soon however they realized that those creatures were far from extinct and more dangerous than any predator encountered before.

When the scientists failed to return a search party was dispatched to find them. The rescuers pursued a trail deep into the Antarctic tundra where they discovered a titanic mountain range that hid an ancient pre-human civilization, the shocking fate of their friends and a horrifying truth about the origins of mankind.

Hunted by supernatural creatures of infinite evil and sinister intelligence the men struggled to escape the bounds of “The Mountains of Madness”.

Source: The Lovecraft eZine

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