Monday Morning Videomania #155

High on Fire - The Black Plot


LUMBERJACKED, an animated short film by Ottawa-based character designer and storyboard artist Joel Mackenzie, features “a reformed lumberjack must harness the POWER OF NATURE in order to fight an 8-BIT MUTANT WASP MONSTER that is destroying his friends and his home.” If Captain Planet and Voltron had a love child, it’d probably turn out like this.

Galactic Kids Next Door (Fan Animation)

For the uninitiated, KND (short for Kids Next Door) was an animated series created by Tom Warburton that ran on Cartoon Network in the early 2000s. Despite its cancellation the series still has a strong fanbase, so when Warburton teased this animatic for a spin-off last year the fans got excited…REALLY excited. While no news has surfaced since regarding Warburton’s animatic, one fan took it upon himself to fully animated the teaser. Pretty awesome.

High On Fire – The Black Plot [NSFW]

After being slain in battle, a fallen warrior is brought back from the dead to finish his quest in this fantasy-themed music video for metal band High on Fire. Bloody, brutal and – frankly – pretty badass thanks in no small part to Oakland-based artist SKINNER, who contributed both the concept and character design, The Black Plot is Heavy Metal in more ways than one.

Written by Rondal

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