Monday Morning Videomania #154

The Paper Mask

Animated by Rhidian Gatrill, The Paper Mask proves that “the best Halloween costumes are hand made”…or maybe it’s just a clever PSA for adults to not be mean on Halloween…something along those lines. Either way, it’s an entertaining seasonal short and one that’ll get you in just the right mood for the upcoming October festivities.


Whether it’s the awkward development of youth or the affliction of old age, the human body can be unpredictable and horrifying. teeth, by Daniel Gray and Tom C.J Brown, demonstrates just how horrifying through the perspective of a man overcome by a peculiar obsession with his teeth and his inexplicable love/hate relationship with them.

[BRDG024] Hallelujah

Speaking of bodies…I’m not 100% certain what’s happening in this video, but I am fairly sure that it’ll result in night terrors for at least 50% who watch it. A bizarre CGI sequence involving freaky ball-jointed dolls in a ballet worthy of the Brian Yuzna’s body horror film, Society, Hallelujah is equal parts mesmerizing and disturbing.

Written by Rondal

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