Monday Morning Videomania #153

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‘Don vs. Raph’ by Jhonen Vasquez

I’m a bit behind on this one, but this TMNT short by Jhonen Vasquez (Invader Zim, JtHM) is worth revisiting. One of three shorts released on Facebook as part of Nickelodeon’s SDCC celebration this year, Don vs. Raph is relatively light on story, but carries the artist’s undeniably quirky sense of humor as the two Turtle brothers continually try to one-up each other through a series of battles that include making fart noises, playing video games, a bake off and more.

Murgi Keno Mutant (Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens)

If you thought last week’s Stop the Roadkill ad for Bosch Auto Parts was weird, wait until you see this. Clocking in at 15-min, Murgi Keno Mutant (Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens) is pure animated insanity that features “a team of kung-fu fighting chefs” battling killer mutant chickens (which they later cook to feed people)…and it’s sponsored by Bellissimo Ice Cream. Chickens are beheaded by streams of bullets and blades, people are dismembered and eaten alive and it’s all completed unrelated to ice cream.

Boltron Ultimate – Episode 02

Aw yeah – BOLTRON is back! We covered the original BOLTRON NINJA MASSACRE short last July which “chronicled a young robot’s quest to save it’s inventor (Dr. Reboot) from a wicked bad wizard and his army of ninja and killer robots.” Now, director Chris Burns and the team at EXIT 73 Studios are continuing that story in a 4-part series called Boltron Ultimate: Evil Maximus Omega which expands on the original short—thanks to support from SpindoTV.

Written by Rondal

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