Gross Out! Toys: Fungus Amungus

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Fungus AmungUs
Fungus AmungUs
Every year seems to yield another addition, particularly of the minifig variety, to a legacy of gross toys that spans series like Boglins, Madballs, Monsters in My Pocket, and generally anything that came packaged with “ooze” and/or “slime.” The trend has become more noticeable over the past few years with the introduction of S.L.U.G. Zombies from Jakks Pacific in 2012, Zombiepocalypse Action Set in 2013, MUTANT MANIA from Moose Toys in 2014, and The Ugglys (also from Moose Toys) in 2015. So what can we expect in 2016? Well, depending on what region you live in, it just might be Fungus Amungus—a series of “super gross, super sticky” minifigures being released by Vivid Imaginations.

Not unlike the 80s toyline called GERMS from Worlds of Wonder, the “Funguys” are essentially a collection of 200 disgusting germs, spores, bacteria, and moulds classified into various types like “oozey”, “digital”, “body”, “foodie”, “infestors” and so on. Their backstory, as revealed through a series of online webisodes, involves being experimented on in secret underground lab before escaping into the real world where they’re constantly hunted by “The Bio Busters”. You can check out the first webisode below:

While these microscopic maniacs seem to be primarily available in the UK, they are also available in the U.S. exclusively at Toy’R’Us.

Thanks to club member, Benjamin Hayden, who sent us a tip last week!

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