Monday Morning Videomania #152

© by Bosch Auto Parts

This week’s edition of Monday Morning Videomania is brought to you by the letters ‘B’ and ‘H’ for Benjamin Hayden, who sent us tips on two of these fantastic videos—thanks again Ben!

Obituary – A Grave Beginning

Co-written by Michael Barryte and Zachary Barryte Obituary stars a girl named June who’s raised by a house of ghosts after her parents are killed (crushed right in front of her) by what I’m assuming is a fallen satellite. The pilot explores June’s first day in high school with an ample dose of dark humor and teen angst.

Zombie Night Terror – Launch Trailer

With few exceptions most video games featuring zombies put you in the role of a human fighting to stay alive. This game, on the other hand, says ‘screw convention’. Developed by a four-man team from France (NoClip), Zombie Night Terror takes a Lemmings-style approach by puttting you in control of the zombies as they rampage through what’s left of humanity!

Stop the Roadkill, Animal Zombies

Set to a Thriller-esque song and dance, this Stop the Roadkill music video is part of an ad campaign for Bosch Auto Parts’ ICON™ wiper blades (yes, REALLY) features a variety of reanimated animals moving and grooving in puppet form. Let’s see…hilariously gruesome puppets? Check. Catchy jingle? Check. Yep, this gets my vote for coolest ad of the year!

Written by Rondal

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