‘Howard Lovecraft and The Frozen Kingdom’ World Premiere [Trailer]

Howard Lovecraft and The Frozen Kingdom© by Arcana Studios

I’m not entirely sure how this one flew under my radar for so long, but it’s certainly on there now. Getting it’s world premiere this Saturday at the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Providence, RI is Howard Lovecraft and The Frozen Kingdom—a feature length animated film directed by Arcana Studios founder Sean Patrick O’Reilly.

Supposedly the “first of a trilogy based on [a] comic series of the same name” the film follows a young Howard Lovecraft as he unleashes the power of the Necronomicon to “open a portal to a strange frozen world filled with horrifying creatures and grave danger.” It sounds sort of like Harry Potter but with less wizardry and more weird fantasy, or like ParaNorman but with Lovecraftian creatures instead of zombies—either of which could be fun.

The quality of the animation (at least in the trailer) does comes across as underdeveloped—somewhere between a made-for-TV special on Cartoon Network and The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse—which is a bit disappointing but nothing I can’t look past if the story is solid and well-directed. While I’m not too familiar with Arcana’s previous films, I’d have to think very new project is an opportunity for gradual improvement. I’m also not familiar with the majority of the cast in Howard Lovecraft and The Frozen Kingdom, but it does features voiceovers by Ron Perlman (Shoggoth) and Doug Bradley (Nyarlathotep), so there’s that.


Written by Rondal

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