Korean Zombie Film ‘Seoul Station’ Set to Invade North America

I’m not entirely sure what’s being said in the trailer for this Korean horror film, Seoul Station, but I do know it features some pretty slick animation and gnarly-looking zombies who can apparently climbs walls. And really, isn’t that enough?

Okay, for those seeking a bit more depth, the film follows “a father in search of his runaway daughter during the middle of a zombie outbreak (see, zombies!) in the South Korean capital.” As with other films in the zombie sub-genre, there’s also a social message at play for those willing to look deep enough—primarily revolving around “homelessness, social alienation, and income inequality.” You know, if you’re into that kind of subtextual stuff.

Directed by Sang-ho Yeon (The King of Pigs, The Fake), the film has been a hit in its native country and has since made appearances at NYAFF and Fantasia (where it earned the audience award for best animated feature). While no firm release date has been announced for North America, Korean distributor Finecut has reportedly made a deal with Filmrise to make Seoul Station available via theaters and VOD.


Source: Cartoon Brew

Written by Rondal

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