Monday Morning Videomania #151

© by Sam Southward

It’s time to get back on that saddle and ride—welcome to the first edition of Monday Morning Videomania of 2016! Sounds pretty surreal to write that, considering the year is well past the halfway point, but here we are anyway. Strap yourselves in, I may be a little rusty…

Victorian Cut-out Theatre: A Peculiar Soiree

First up, we’re traveling back in time to the age of penny farthings and the gramophone with Victorian Cut-out Theatre, a web series created by Rob Walker and produced by Cinevore Studios that features comedy sketches based on a variety of weird inventions and historical oddities. Semi-educational and thoroughly entertaining, there’s a cheeky element of Monty Python afoot mixed with the distinct pastiche of Kids in the Hall.


WARNING: This film contains flashing lights which may not be suitable for photosensitive epilepsy.

This proof of concept trailer developed by Jeremy Polgar (Teen Titans GO!, Space Dandy), Justin Lane and Dan Cerruti finds the “last android in existence”—a fighter named Analog—seeking revenge against a ruling class of cybernetic and mutant monstrosities (and perhaps the futuristic offspring of Donald Trump). Revenge for what is not quite clear, this is just a teaser after all, but regardless I’m digging the overall style and soundtrack. Casting shades of Captain Commando, Mega Man and Tron throughout it’s 1:30 minute runtime, I hope to see more of Analog very soon!

After the End (NSFW)

If movies have taught me anything it’s that being the last person on Earth is pretty crappy. Heck, being chased day after day by ravenous zombies or avoiding atomic cannibals hardly seems like a thrill. On the upside I suppose, you could do anything you wanted…like walking around with an inflatable sex doll and eating psychedelic mushrooms. But what if you weren’t the last person? That’s the basic premise of Sam Southward’s After the End in which one man’s solitary existence is suddenly upended by an obnoxious intruder and his plastic companion.

Written by Rondal

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