Independently Awesome: A Weird Western and the Wizard of Barge

Long Gone Gulch on Kickstarter© by Zach Bellissimo and Tara Billinger

Welcome to another edition of Independently Awesome, our heartfelt spotlight on a few of the coolest indie projects currently appearing on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. This week’s entries come to us straight from the SKC community…

Long Gone Gulch

long-gone-gulch-posterArtists Zach Bellissimo (Teen Titans Go!, Rick & Morty) and Tara Billinger (Mickey Mouse Shorts) team up for first creator-owned animated pilot, Long Gone Gulch—a “Comedy-Fantasy with a Western twist about a mystical town hidden in a dust cloud where creatures of legend, myth and folklore coexist.” Inspired by films like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Alice in Wonderland and Mad Max, Long Gone Gulch follows two unlikely sheriffs (Snag and Rawhide) as they try to keep the peace in this weird Western landscape.

Bellissimo and Billinger are currently seeking to fund a 8-11 minute pilot episode for their series, which has become a five year long passion project for the duo. If successful the campaign will allow them to bring on additional animation resources as well as the possibility of a longer pilot. If you’re a fan of weird, outlaw shenanigans this is one project you don’t want to miss out on!

Black Magic for Dummies


black-magic-dummies-coverI’ve seen enough Harry Potter movies to know that training to become a wizard is serious business. In fact, it looks like a ton of hard work and if you’re anything like me you may have wished for an easier way. Enter Black Magic for Dummies, a tome of untold power that promises to have you opening portals to the underworld and concocting magical elixirs in no time!

Scripted on the synthetic skins of Cabbage Patch Kids (I’m making an assumption here), this 30+ beginner’s guide to the dark arts comes with no guarantee of actually spell-casting, but it will feature some cool, occasionally crude, and undeniably strange artwork by the Texas-based conjurer of cool ghouls and misshapen monsters, Wizard of Barge. With a modest Kickstarter goal of only $450, this is one project that’s low risk and high reward. Even if you don’t end up mastering “black magic” at least you’ll have a zine full of rad art and an easy excuse to go around cursing your worst enemies.

Written by Rondal

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