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Welcome to the NEW Strange Kids Club!

August is sort of a special month here at the clubhouse as it marks the site’s seventh anniversary. Now, some of you may be thinking: “what’s so special about seven?” Well…it’s one more than six…there are seven days in the week…our cells are replaced every seven years…Snow White made it with seven dwarfs…there’s seven colors in a rainbow…couples divorce every seven years (on average)…okay, maybe that last one wasn’t so great. Point is, there’s a lot of cool stuff that involves the number ‘seven’ which is reason enough for us to celebrate and we’re marking the occasion with a brand new look!

That’s right, we’ve overhauled the overall design and even made the it more accessible (MOBILE FRIENDLY) than ever before. It’s still a work-in-progress as many of our posts still need to be re-formatted and re-curated to better take advantage of the new tools and features at our disposable. These new features include things like a real review system, video posts, image galleries, various post layouts, better ad placements, improved search and simplified navigation. The navigation will serve up categorical content like Animation or Video Games and we will continue to fine tune it to include more extensive sorting options, such as console and genre-specific content.

The homepage is the biggest departure from our old design, both visually an structurally as we’ve done away with the old school blog layout (content + sidebar) in favor of serving up all the freshest content. Our old pagination system has been replaced by a new infinite scroll – just click the load more button to see even more content (like magic!). We’ve also added a newsletter sign-up form at the bottom of the homepage in case you’re not already a member. We’ll be preparing some extra rad content just for our newsletter in the coming months so don’t miss out!

You’re sure to discover plenty of other new things as we continue to ramp up and I sincerely hope that you have as much fun using the new site as we did re-designing it.

Have feedback? Let’s hear it. Leave a comment below or hit us up at with any input you think will make Strange Kids Club even better.

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Written by Rondal

Rondal is the Editor-in-Chief of Strange Kids Club and a creative instigator who tackles each day with Red Bull-induced enthusiasm and a mind for adventure. Rondal has written for other sites including Rue Morgue, Fuel Your Illustration and Bloodsprayer. His obsession with horror movies, 80s animation and action figures is considered unhealthy by medical professionals.

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