Independently Awesome: Evil Dead Board Game

Have you ever thought to yourself: “Y’know, I’d play more Monopoly if that top hat guy was better equipped to defend Park Place against a Deadite invasion…or if the racecar was a sweet ’73 Oldsmobile!”? Then Space Goat Productions has just the thing. That’s right, Evil Dead 2: The Official Board Game is here to deliver the goods! So, all those people who told us that a board game couldn’t possibly be about demons and dismemberment can go suck an egg!

What’s the game’s objective? Collect pages of the Ex-Mortis while attempting to survive demon attacks and supernatural events, all while trying to avoid turning into one of the Deadites yourself. Simple, right?

KS Deluxe game boxThe basic box was pretty damn groovy on its own, with cards featuring art produced by the same stellar artists that have worked on Space Goat’s original Evil Dead comics PLUS character and Deadite miniatures, Ex-Mortis page cards, Deadite dice, and a ton more. If you opt for the Deluxe Edition, the box IS the Necronomicon and it comes stocked with extra miniatures any plenty of exclusive goodies.

And the extras just keep rolling out. Since Space Goat’s Kickstarter campaign is now sitting pretty at just over 500% of their $70K goal, with plenty of time left on the clock, more exclusive minis, solo game play rules, and a KS variant of their Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn #1 comic have been added to the rewards roster. The Deluxe boxes will even come with Deadite Hitler now (which makes way more sense if you’ve read the comics)…and the list just continues to grow! Hell, I bet more stuff has been added while I’ve been typing this! Let’s check their page…

EVLD0101_CVR_Final*scroll scroll*

Huh, what’s this link go to?


“Deadite Super Saver Tier: Just let us swallow your soul, and you get the game free of charge. Click for more info.”


“Enter the infamous words Ashley was supposed to mutter to save your pathetic world.”

Hmmm…what was that phrase again? Klaatu…Varada…Nickelback? Close enough…


“Sorry, your body will now be possessed by a Kandarian demon and your soul shall be forced to listen to Nickelback for all of eternity. Have a great time!”

Damn…should’ve Googled that $h!t. Plus, no one just gives stuff away for free…

All joking aside, GO GET THIS GAME before the campaign ends on August 10th. We’re in a golden age of geekitude, let’s make sure we take advantage of it!

Written by John MacLeod

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