‘THE BARN: The Video Game’ Promises Baddie-Bashing Fun in 90s Commercial Spoof

The Barn: The Video Game

A year ago I stumbled upon this IndieGoGo project for THE BARN, an independent film helmed by Nevermore Productions, which has been successfully funded and even won ‘Best Feature Film’ and ‘Best Cinematography’ at the Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest. Set on Halloween (1989), The Barn follows two best friends (Sam and Josh) who find themselves trapped in an abandoned barn along with a “ungodly” trio of evil creatures (Hallowed Jack, Candycorn Scarecrow, The Boogeyman) and while that description alone was enough to get my attention, it was the radical retro perks that really got me excited about this project.

Among those perks, Nevermore Productions promised backers an 8-bit style video game based on the film. Some may call this a tall order—especially considering equally ambitious perks like vintage Halloween masks, a board game and action figures—but they not only pulled it off but Nevermore managed to create this awesome 90s-inspired commercial for the game’s launch starring “Stacey and Kevin (Ryan Nogy and Caden Holmes from ‘The Barn’) as well as Sam himself (Mitchell Musolino)!”

Sam, Josh, Michelle, Russell, Chris and Nikki are spending their Halloween night traveling back home from seeing the rock band Demon Inferno. Suddenly their van runs out of gas. Looking for help, the group stumbles upon an old abandoned barn. Knocking on the door unleashes the unforeseen evil inside. Once the smoke clears, most of the teens have vanished without a trace…except for Sam! YOU must now help restore the group by searching for them throughout the town of Wheary Falls and defeating the creatures of the night.

Created by Synersteel Studio, The Barn: The Video Game is now available on mobile for $4.99 on Android and iOS. If you’re a retro purist, Nevermore is still offering Limited Edition NES cartridges of the game as well, playable via PC and signed by the movie and game’s composer Rocky Gray (Evanescence) on Indiegogo.



Written by Rondal

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