Independently Awesome: Exlibrium and Mummy’s Always Right

Hello, my fellow strange kids! It feels great to be back, and I’ve got a couple of amazing new projects to share with you: one from Russia (with love), and the other from ancient Egypt…by way of New York. Let’s check ’em out:

Exlibrium: Book One

Exlibrium_1-interiorAfter I first caught a glimpse of some of Bubble Comics‘ artwork, I immediately wanted more. Gorgeous illustration, scary monsters, freaky situations – it’s everything my wheelhouse demands! So, who are Bubble Comics? They’re a Russian comic publisher, and in five short years they’ve released over 200 comics – and these books look on par with anything you’d see from the biggest names in the game.

Exlibrium is one of their flagship titles, and this first collection has been translated and made ready for an international audience to fall in love with it. The story follows Lilia, a young girl full of pop culture quips and wide-eyed wonder, who is introduced to a world where escapees from storybook lands can generally wreck up your day…and quite possibly kill you. Think: the fast-talking crew from Gilmore Girls crossing over onto an episode of Supernatural. I’m hooked and, trust me, you will be as soon as you open the cover…

Mummy’s Always Right

Mummy-Always-Right_friendsThis one is more for your little monster, but no one’s going to fault you for buying a copy for yourself as well. Hell, I’m buying copies for my friends’ kids, just to ensure that monsters are properly introduced during their formative geek years. Does this look familiar? Like, maybe it’s by the same folks that did the wonderful C Is For Cthulhu? Darn Tootin-Khamun it is! Comix Tribe have proven themselves as a great publisher of adult material (Scam, Red Ten, Oxymoron) and more recently as a wonderful go-between to help familiarize our offspring with the Great Old Ones (in the aforementioned C Is For Cthulhu).

Mummy’s Always Right started as Comix Tribe creator Joe Mulvey’s way to share his art with his children…without showing them some of the less kid-friendly aspects of his craft. He created the child Mummy GAWS and, with the help of his family, this wonderful new world was born…and mummified, of course. If you’ve ever wanted to hug a mini-monster, this is the book for you! (Or your kids, if you really need another reason.)

Written by John MacLeod

Dubbed "The Dorkmaster General" in his home territory of western Massachusetts, John has what some would call an "unhealthy obsession" with comics, horror movies and geek culture. He is a staff writer and editor for the web site Zombie Zone News, and is a freelance editor for his own imprint, Surfin' Dead Enterprises. In his spare time, he breeds free-range chupacabras to sell for ludicrous amounts of cash.

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