NANCY IN HELL Gets Resurrected on Kickstarter for TV Series Pitch

Nancy in Hell on Kickstarter

nancy-hell-ks-3Some of our longtime members may recall a comic I gushed about waaaaay back in 2010 called Nancy in Hell. Or not. Either way, for the uninitiated, Nancy in Hell—and the subsequent sequel Nancy in Hell (On Earth)—was a comic mini-series published by Image Comics about a chainsaw-wielding, scene-chewing sexpot named (you guessed it) Nancy who teamed up with Lucifer to fight off the forces of darkness (twice). Written by El Torres (The Veil), both mini-series were chalk full of scantily drawn characters (male and female), glorious amounts of gore and tons of genre references to films like Army of Darkness, The Thing and Braindead. It’s totally worth grabbing the first mini-series in TPB form on Amazon if you haven’t read it before.

Fast forward to last week and Torres has teamed with screenwriter/produced Jennifer Van Gessel to hit up Kickstarter to fund a short film adaptation of Nancy in Hell that, if successful, will be used to pitch the property as a TV series. That’s pretty damn exciting and while the campaign page itself doesn’t show a lot in the way of what the film would look like, there are a few photo stills of Nancy that instill me with hope this will be something between Ash vs Evil Dead and Troma’s The Chainsaw Sally Show.

…there is a solid chance to make Nancy in Hell TV series but there must be a pitch to other network executives before the final decisions are made.

We have a film crew ready to shoot, amongst them is a lot of experience. The shoot will take place in Australia where we can capture a hellish environment as seen in films like Mad Max Fury Road. The shoot will happen in June 2016 and will cover Nancy’s first day in Hell.


Source: Amigo Comics

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