Super Fun Show, with Learning! Episode 2—Now On YouTube!

Super Fun Show, with Learning! Episode 2

super-fun-show-learning-kickstarterLast year, along with 191 backers, we helped raise funds for an indie web-series called Super Fun Show, With Learning!. At the time, co-directors Lexie Kahanovitz and Jim Tozzi (Xavier: Renegade Angel) had already released the first episode and were looking for some help to produce a second. Luckily they succeeded, because this “sci-fi comedy kids show for adults” is absolutely bonkers in all the right ways!

Kicking off with a short recap of Episode 1, the recently released Episode 2 finds our foul-mouthed protagonist, Sandy (Lexie Kahanovitz), drawn back into the digital world of her television for a battle over her own mind. This electronic intrusion takes place mostly inside Sandy’s head and even offers a “learningful journey” admist it’s madcap adventure narrative, with plenty of retro pop culture references (The Neverending Story, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Max Headroom) littering the landscape.

Throughout the episode, Sandy (and the viewer) learn a little more about how our brains actually work (science!) and how TV (and technology in general) can corrupt “shape who we are.” In short, this a show that encourages you to experience it more than just having you sit there and stare (though you’re welcome to do either)…it’s truly a surreal video odyssey that’s as practically educational as it is oddly entertaining.

Written by Rondal

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