Monday Morning Videomania #150

Radkey - Glore

Godzilla vs. Jason Voorhees | Robot Chicken | Adult Swim

In years past we’ve done our own series of “movie monster deathmatches” on Facebook in which all of you weighed in to crown the “king of monsters.” The downside, of course, is that we lack the budget to bring these fights to life. Luckily Robot Chicken does and while this might not be the most obvious match-up of all time, I have to admit…the idea of Godzilla vs. Jason Voorhees sounds like stupid fun! Thanks to Benjamin Hayden for the tip.

Radkey – Glore

This music video for Radkey’s single, Glore, somehow randomly made it onto my Tumblr feed and I’m glad it did because it’s an incredible 2:12 diversion of fast music, “face-melting claymation” and pop culture nostalgia! Directed by Nicos Livesey (Blinkink), the video was heavily influenced by claymation pioneers Bruce Bickford and David Daniels. It also perfectly captures the “feeling” of Radkey’s garage punk music…which is to say the feeling of “running around drinking beer and throwing up Haribo.” Enjoy!


Based on a comic created by Ian McGinty (Bravest Warriors), Welcome to Showside follows the adventures of Kit, fun-loving monster kid whose father (the Shadow King) wants to destroy the world. I honestly can’t tell if this is the beginning of an animated web series or simply a really (REALLY) nice promo for the comic (which features guest voice work by Henry Rollins), but either way McGinty and publisher z2 Comics have my attention.

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