‘Infinite Santa 8000’ Returns With All-New Content

Infinite Santa 8000: The Movie

Ever since I first stumbled across INFINITE SANTA 8000 way back in 2010 (five years is a long time in Strange Kid math) I’ve eagerly followed the chronicles of Michael Neel and Greg Ansin’s post-apocalyptic cyborg Santa as he tears through the all sorts of mutants, mad scientists and giant murder-happy robots. What started as a web series eventually evolved into a feature-length film in 2013 which we reviewed here, calling it “an infinite blast of winterized carnage that should satiate your naughty side.”

For those unfamiliar with Infinite Santa 8000, it’s the story of “Santa in the year 8000, a time of mutants and nuclear destruction. Santa is now a cyborg and has to fight to stay alive, as well as keep the spirit of Christmas going in a world without hope, filled with a wasteland of monsters.” All that, set to a hyper-driven heavy metal soundtrack that really drives home the fact that Kris-freaking-Kringle is snapping cartilage and breaking bones in hopes of keeping Christmas alive.

This year, Neel and Ansin are triple-dripping into their co-created winter wonderland of carnage in order to share some pretty cool content with fans and fellow artists including: “behind-the-scenes videos, actor interviews, tutorials, and new content such as the Big Bunny Trapped In Time series, which follows a giant Bunny from the Infinite Santa 8000 Movie as he spirals through time causing havoc.” If you’re interested in learning more about the series, definitely check out the official Infinite Santa 8000 YouTube page—new content added every Wednesday!

Written by Rondal

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