‘Long Gone Gulch’ Animated Trailer Shows the Weirder Side the Old West

Long Gone Gulch

[UPDATE 10/28/2015: Bellissimo and Billinger are currently seeking funds to create a full pilot episode. For more information, be sure to check out the Long Gone Gulch GoFundMe page.]

Veteran animators and longtime members of the clubhouse, Zach Bellissimo and Tara Billinger have joined forces for their first creator-owned animated series, LONG GONE GULCH. While specifics on what format the series will take and when it will premiere, the co-creators recently released an official trailer for the show that features all sorts of crazy characters in even crazier situations. There’s definitely a Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy vibe going on here, though Bellissimo and Billinger also cite The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Alice in Wonderland, Neverending Story and The Mighty Boosh as sources of inspiration.


Two screw ups, Snag and Rawhide, find themselves bestowed as the new Sheriff’s of a strange world adrift in an ever moving dust cloud. Long Gone Gulch holds the inhabitants of myths, urban legends and folklore from around the world. They travel through the land when they are needed and encountering all manner of adventures along the way.


Snag is a thrill seeker and tough guy from the outside world who successfully and accidentally stumbled into the Gulch. He’s the first human in years to do so. Snag has an issue with authority but doesn’t have a problem being the authority. Snag is very matter of fact and can be very dark. He likes to rain on the parade sometimes because he knows how the outside world actually works, the Gulch tends to surprise him though. He’s equipped with a hot rod, guitar and pet rat named “Fink.” Snag often likes to misuse his authority and neglect his sheriff position but is learning along the way to always do the right thing.


Rawhide is the only human born and raised in the Gulch. She’s a determined positive and excitable optimist who loves the history of her town and isn’t afraid to show it. She was raised by a Jackalope so her lifestyle and personality is rather skewed and can cause issues socially. Despite her quirkiness, Rawhide is proud of herself and always thinks on the brighter side. Rawhide is equipped with a lucky sling shot, a bottle cap shooter and her ostrich steed. She feels she can finally show off her talents as Sheriff but sharing the title might be something she has to get used to.

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