13 Days of Halloween Strangeness: Day 4 – Madeleine Holly-Rosing

It’s that time of year again! Strange Kid has stuffed all the Halloween goody bags full of candy, roadkill and low caliber explosives…DANG he knows how to party! We’ve invited some of our friends over to the clubhouse to share their Halloween memories, so pull up a beanbag chair and listen to today’s horrific tales from…Madeleine Holly-Rosing.

Madeleine is the writer/creator of the Kickstarter comic phenomenon Boston Metaphysical Society, a steampunk adventure featuring Tesla, Edison and Houdini (to name a few). Did I also mention there are pinkertons and a smattering of supernatural hijinks? Sounds like the kind of insane mix that we love around the clubhouse—so, let’s get into the questions, shall we?

madeleine-BioSteampunkWhat’s your best Halloween memory?

MADELEINE HOLLY-ROSING: At college, we would convince security that we had locked our keys in our dorm room (when it was actually someone else’s) then emptied it out while they were out Halloween partying. When they returned, usually drunk and tired, they would think either: 1) They were in the wrong room; 2) Everything had been stolen or 3) Not cared and slept on the floor.

What are your top 5 movies (or TV episodes) to watch leading up to Halloween?

MHR: 1. Aliens
2. The Twilight Zone – “To Serve Man”
3. Zombieland
4. The Fog
5. Every episode of Angel

The dead have returned from the grave, and most of the living are zombified—including all the A-through-C-list celebrities, of course—who would you pick to eat your delicious brain?

MHR: Tom Hiddleston

warren-zevon-werewolves-of-londonWhat are 5 songs that need to be on your Halloween playlist?

MHR: 1. Ghostbusters
2. Werewolves of London
3. Thriller
4. Superstition
5. Monster Mash

You cross an old gypsy woman (why would you do that?!) and she curses you to turn into _________ every night. What monster/beastie/other would you choose to spend your nights as?

MHR: Werewolf. Not sure this is really ridiculous, but I love the thought of being able to run free on all fours, being able to sense/sniff out whatever is near and howl at the moon. Plus, being super strong and scary is not bad either.

Our resident troublemaker, Strange Kid, wants to take you out on the town on Halloween—what kind of mischief would you kids get into? (Hint: bring bail money, whatever your response may be…)

MHR: I’d like to put carved pumpkin heads on all the traffic lights in downtown L.A. Oh–and they all have to be carved to look like Freddy Kruger. *laughs*

Cover artwork by Boston Metaphysical Society
Cover artwork by Boston Metaphysical Society

Written by John MacLeod

Dubbed "The Dorkmaster General" in his home territory of western Massachusetts, John has what some would call an "unhealthy obsession" with comics, horror movies and geek culture. He is a staff writer and editor for the web site Zombie Zone News, and is a freelance editor for his own imprint, Surfin' Dead Enterprises. In his spare time, he breeds free-range chupacabras to sell for ludicrous amounts of cash.

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