Monday Morning Videomania #149

Dream a Little Dream ft. Freddy Krueger

Broforce – Launch Trailer

I thought Devolver Digital’s BROFORCE game had been out for awhile now, but apparently not (?) since this official launch trailer was just released last week. At any rate, this animated trailer is really well done and features plenty of nods to action movie muscleheads (including heroine Ellen Ripley) fighting aliens, robots, mercenaries and even Satan himself. I won’t lie…I REALLY want this to become an actual cartoon series.

Dream a Little Dream ft. Freddy Krueger

Puppet-based web series Glove and Boots is always a hoot to watch, but they raised the bar earlier this month with a Halloween-themed episode that feature not one, not two but THREE horror icons (four if you count Gene Simmons). The plot finds Mario haunted by bad dream thanks to a late night burrito-bagel-icecream-pizza combo and Elm Street’s infamous dream demon, Freddy Krueger, who stop by to sign his rendition of “Dream a Little Dream.”

Back To The Future In ACTUAL 2015

CollegeHumor’s videos are usually a miss for me, but this animated parody hits it right on the nose showing just how lame the “future” of 2015 really is. You know…pollution, hipster fashion, non-flying cars, no hoverboards, cyber-bullying, sports doping—what the Hell happened?! Well, I guess we do have a new Star Wars film coming out, that’s something right?

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