‘Ganderlumps’, A Goosebumps Parody Postcard Collection—On Sale Now!

Goosebumps parody postcards

Sender beware, you’re friends are in for a scare!

When we first started planning this month-long love fest of all things Goosebumps, my co-conspirator over at the Monsters & Metal Podcast and founder of the Ghastly Awards (“Decapitated” Dan Royer) came to me with a proposal…an “indecent proposal.” Actually…looking back on it his proposal was quite decent and pretty freaking awesome. The idea was simple: let’s create a set of postcards that parody the original Goosebumps covers and recruit some of the most talented artists we know to draw them!

So that’s exactly what we did. Now on sale in the Strange Kids Club shop, our Ganderlumps postcard set includes 12 original designs by artists from around the world including: Simone Arena, Buz Hasson, Metal Hands, Angel Onofre, Douglas Randazzo, Jon David Guerra, Aaron Klopp, Justin Casteneda, Michael Anderson, Leo Perez, Jeremy Martinez and Grimace Graphics. Also included in each set is one DIY postcard, meaning you can design your very own parody postcard! Check out a closer look at all 12 designs below and…


ganderlumps-justin-castenada ganderlumps-jeremy-martinez ganderlumps-buz-hasson ganderlumps-aaron-klopp genaderlumps-grimace-graphics ganderlumps-leo-perez ganderlumps-metalhand ganderlumps-angel-onofre ganderlumps-jon-guerra ganderlumps-douglas-randazzo ganderlumps-michael-anderson ganderlumps-simone-arena

Written by Rondal

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